Local Music

We are committed to putting on the best acoustic, folk, jazz, roots, soul and classical from the huge melting pot that is Bristol's thriving music scene. You can keep up to date with the music listings on our Facebook page or on this website.


Graeme Moncrieff

Grounded Redfield - Wednesday 29th October - 7.30pm

Sadie Fleming

Grounded Horfield - Monday 3rd November - 7.30pm

Jo Swan and Nick Pullin

Grounded Corsham - Wednesday 12th November - 7.30pm

Adam Barnes

Grounded Brislington - Wednesday 19th November - 7.30pm

Leo James

Grounded Bedminster - Wednesday 26th November - 7.30pm

The Flamenco Thief

Grounded Corsham - Thursday 4th December - 7.30pm


Grounded Brislington - Tuesday 9th December - 7.30pm

Jo Swan and Nick Pullin

Grounded Redfield - Wednesday 10th December - 7.30pm

Leo James

Grounded Horfield - Monday 15th December - 7.30pm

Emma Hutchinson

Grounded Horfield - Monday 22nd December - 7.30pm