Upcoming Events

Check out this page for details of upcoming events, from live music to art exhibitions and quiz nights. 

We are keen to promote local artists, and we showcase a wide variety of musical styles at our weekly music nights.  

If you are interested in exhibiting or performing at Grounded, or if you have an idea for an event, please email hello@cafegrounded.co.uk 

Grounded Melksham
Friday 23rd March - 7:30pm
Grounded Bradford on Avon
Friday 23rd March - 8:30pm
Grounded Brislington
Sunday 25th March - 5:00pm
Grounded Brislington
Tuesday 27th March - 8:00pm
Grounded Fishponds
Wednesday 28th March - 8:00pm
Grounded Bedminster
Thursday 29th March - 8:00pm
Grounded Fishponds
Tuesday 3rd April - 8:00pm