Clifton Coffee Roasters

Clifton Coffee Roasters supply us with coffee beans that they source, blend and roast themselves.

The passionate team sources the best coffee beans from around the world, from Europe to South America. The beans are roasted in their state of the art Diedrich IR-12 roaster, allowing for precise control over temperature and roasting times. Andrew Tucker, Head of Coffee, notes that ‘we have the freedom to choose what we buy and how we blend and roast’, giving the team unique control over every step of the process.

The Art of Coffee Making

James Fisher, the founder of Clifton Coffee, says that the aim to produce coffee of ‘great character’. James notes that every single coffee is different, and needs to be brewed accordingly to get the best out of each variety. How coffee is brewed remarkably affects the finished drink. James acknowledges that you can have the best coffee beans in the world, but this won’t necessarily produce an amazing drink. There are many other factors that go in to producing that final cup of coffee.

Clifton Coffee at Grounded

All of our baristas have been on training courses run by Clifton Coffee, ensuring that we serve the best quality coffee possible at Grounded. We use Clifton Coffee’s ‘Village’ espresso blend at Grounded. This is a Rainforest Certified blend made with beans from Brazil and Columbia. This blend has flavours of sweet toffee, hazelnut and dark chocolate. Clifton Coffee also provides us with our equipment: we use top-quality coffee grinders, that grind the beans slowly and gently, and coffee machines that are regularly maintained by their specialist engineers. All these different elements combine to ensure that we serve the highest quality coffee at Grounded.

Visit the Clifton Coffee website for more information about the team and their ethos: