Herberts Bakery

The Herbert family has been baking in Bristol since 1960. They have always remained true to traditional baking techniques, using recipes handed down through the generations.

The bakery uses organic, unbleached flour from Shipton Mill in Tetbury, ensuring consistent, high quality loaves.

A Passion for Baking

The bakery makes hundreds of loaves a day. The bakers start at 4pm and bake through the night, to make sure the bread is cool enough to be packed and delivered by 4am. The bakery supplies a number of sandwich shops, cafes and restaurants around Bristol and the surrounding area. They bake a wide range of bread, including sourdough, rye and malted wheat loaves. The biggest selling bread is the ‘Overnight Sherston’, made by leaving the dough to ferment overnight, giving the bread a particularly well-developed flavour. The bakers have devised a gluten-free loaf using a rice flour mix, which is very popular amongst people with gluten intolerance. The bakers work really efficiently together, and their dedication means that they produce consistently fantastic bread day after day.

Herberts and Grounded

Herberts Bakery is based in Montpelier. They provide us with freshly-baked bread everyday, including deliciously fluffy white bread, and seeded granary bread. Their olive bread is a central component of many of our platters and sharing plates, and for those who are limiting their gluten intake, Herberts also provides us with some very convincing gluten-free bread!