M.J. Dalton Butchers

M.J. Dalton Butchers is a small, family run butchers on Gloucester Road.

Mike Dalton and his team are passionate about the quality and provenance of meat: most of the meat sold at the butchers comes from a small, independent abattoir in Nailsea, just ten miles outside of Bristol. The shop is an established part of the local community: Mike has a large amount of regular customers, all of whom he addresses by name. Mike has been working here since 1977, when he started by helping out on a Saturday morning, and has been here ever since. His wife, Karen, now works here too, and his son helps out on a Saturday.

Handmade Sausages

The butchers specialise in hand-making their own sausages, using natural skins and freshly-minced meat. They make a whopping 300kg of sausages a week, of which 100kg is sent to Grounded! His best seller is the robustly flavoured Cumberland sausages, but the venison sausages also have a loyal following. The team are constantly experimenting with new flavour combinations, such as tomato, basil and beef sausages, and whiskey and brown sugar pork sausages.

M.J. Dalton and Grounded

Mike Dalton and his team deliver on a daily basis to our restaurants, supplying us with excellent handmade sausages, top-quality mince and big, juicy steaks. Mike also stocks some more unusual meat from further afield, such as kangaroo and ostrich, so you never know what might make its way on to the Grounded menu in the future. Ostrich burger, anyone?

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