Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Evening

Thursday 29th Mar

An evening of acoustic music from 3 talented singer/songwriters. 

Tina Heart

Passionate, soulful and honest. Tina somehow manages to deliver on that big voice mantra and unconventional song lyrics. Born and raised in the cold north of Norway, Tina sure knows how to melt hearts. Her singles have been streamed over 2000 times and played on local radios. 

Kelly Morris

Kelly Morris is an introspective indie/folk styled singer-songwriter from Bristol, England. Whilst harnessing the power of deep emotive statement with a stark sense of unfiltered exposure, Kelly has the ability to weave story driven narrative with real life experiences. Using sincere lyrics, that are identifiable yet painfully honest, delivered by captivating vocals and endearing melodies to soften the blow, her music is sure to hit you and make you feel moved.​

Ellie Kirtley 

Ellie Kirtley is a musician from the seaside town, Lyme Regis. She has been involved in the local music scene, playing at local events and performing her own music as a solo artist. Ellie enjoys various genres but particularly Soul, Indie and Jazz. Her own music features a Jazz/Soul sounding voice and piano accompaniment. She released her first single on SoundCloud called ‘Lookout’ last year and is currently working with a live band set up to enhance her music. She is currently working on producing an EP which will be released early in 2018.